The Alsace wine route and its must-see attractions

Providing a wonderful tourist attraction, the Alsace wine route instantly seduces visitors with its 170km trail that winds through some 70 different villages. The Alsatian vineyards stretch from Thann in the Upper Rhine to Cleebourg in the Lower Rhine.

Discover the Alsace wine route through the photos of the Achenheim club.

At any time of year, the wine route allows you to explore the Alsatian treasures:

A rendez-vous with nature and the beauty of the surrounding landscape

  • Its gastronomy
  • Its art de vivre
  • Its stunning medieval towns - true open-air museums
  • Its magnificent landscapes
  • Its vineyards

HUSSEREN LES CHATEAUX, overlooked by the ruins of the three Eguisheim castles, is an excellent starting point from which to explore the wonders of the wine route.

HUSSEREN LES CHATEAUX is the highest point of the wine route. Situated at 390 metres altitude, it offers an exceptional panorama over the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest. The village produces outstanding wines, among which the Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer are of particular renown. Wine tourism is on the increase in the region.

And winegrowers are not the only ones affected by this development: restaurateurs, hoteliers, museums and tourist attractions are all equally committed to promoting the quality of the regional hospitality on offer. There is an increasing number of Alsatian winegrowers - already well-accustomed to receiving visitors to their wine cellars and gites - now offering guided visits around their vineyards and themed wine tastings.

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Alsace Wines on Sale

THE HUSSEREN COLLECTIONS HOTEL SPA has entered into an agreement with 18 local winegrowers from HUSSEREN LES CHATEAUX and EGUISHEIM.

The hotel purchases its Alsace wines exclusively from this collection of winegrowers. 

These Alsace wines can be:

1. Served at the hotel during mealtimes or in the bar

2. Sold in cases of 6 bottles of the same label (minimum order: 1 case on leaving the hotel) to hotel guests. The hotel also acts as a point of sale, for clients not staying with us and who, for whatever reason, have been unable to buy from one of the "group of 14" winegrowers from whom they usually purchase their wine.
For purchases of this nature, please contact the hotel reception beforehand on +33 3 89 49 22 93.

Hotel Spa in Alsace

Try the Alsace wines

Twice a week, in the hotel bar, a tasting of Alsace wines is organised with one of the group’s wine producers. 

The prices are the same as those charged by the winegrowers when they sell their wines straight from the cellar. 

The bottles and grape varieties

Alsace wines must be produced in bottles with a slender pointed shape known as an "Alsace flute". Bottling must take place within the production area. The wines of Alsace are produced from seven main grape varieties: Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir.