A Museum Hotel

The Husseren Collections Hotel Spa was refurbished from top to bottom by the Hotel owner, who is an avid collector of art and antiquities from across the world.

For years, he has scoured the planet unearthing the sculptures, chandeliers, paintings, ornaments and furnishings that adorn its interiors.

objects of desire

In the communal spaces, you’ll find:

Collections to discover:

  • bronze statues (particularly of animal forms)
  • paintings by contemporary artists or ones who have been long dead, which are displayed in the hallways under themes such as landscapes, women’s portraits, etc.
  • antique furniture

An art photo, beneath glass, depicting the Alsace wine route hangs over each bedstead (see the photos on the Wine Route page of our website). Discover the miniature masterpieces of the HUSSEREN COLLECTIONS HOTEL SPA.

There are more sculptures on display in the hotel grounds.

An overview of the artworks dotted throughout the HUSSEREN COLLECTIONS HOTEL SPA is available by clicking on the button below.